Peer-to-Peer Connection, Accountability, and Coaching Perspective 

"It is the most invaluable thing a business owner can do for themselves – personally and professionally."

- Janice Stanford, CEO, FLYGIRL Creative, Roundtable Member

Lonely At The Top?

Whether you lead a company of one, one hundred, or one thousand...being the person solely responsible for the success or failure of the business can be lonely. Decisions are overwhelming with no one to talk to, and advice can come from all the wrong sources. You feel like you have to figure it out on your own, and end up doing other people's jobs.


Sound familiar? 
You don't have to face it alone.


  The Apex North Roundtable Series was formed during the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic with the bold purpose of bringing business leaders together to help each other weather the storm.


Now, the Roundtable Series meets for two hours monthly, continuing in its purpose by helping CEOs and Business Owners go from good to great.


Every Roundtable Session delivers:

  • Facilitated peer-to-peer discussion of pertinent business issues

  • Proven coaching tools and frameworks to scale up your leadership

  • Accountability check-ins

  • Insights and wisdom from a coach and cohort who have been in your shoes

  • Administrative support ensuring an engaging, productive session with prompt and relevant follow-up

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The details:

  • Meet as a group 1x per month for 2 hours.

  • Virtual and in-person options are available.

  • Facilitated group of 1 to 8 companies, business owners and leaders that are not directly competitive.

  • When in person, meetings held at local co-working locations such as WeWork, Spaces and many others.

  • CEO/Coach Glen Dall available for "911" calls and 1-1 meetings with cohort members throughout the month.

  • Monthly investment includes membership in the cohort, access to coaching tools, and exclusive discounts on special events such as Cheers To Us Happy Hours, Gravitas International Summits, and Apex North Business Coaching retreats.

  • Optional for additional investment: Personal ADVanced Insights Assessment and individual debrief.


Qualifications for acceptance:

1.  You must be a CEO, owner, entrepreneur or solopreneur of a company from $0 - $5M in annual revenue. 

2.  You must be a learner, willing to change and grow, with a high level of self-awareness.

3.  Willingness to be an active, supportive Accountability Partner for one other cohort member.

4.  Commitment to at least 6 months of participation.




"The Apex North CEO & Business Owner Roundtable is stimulating, challenging, and adds incredible value in my business and life. Glen likes to say 'what got you here, won't get you there.' I want to get THERE, and grow, which is why I love the Roundtable and Glen's coaching."

Christopher P. Forest,
Owner, Unparalleled Parking & Mint Dental