Create effective, meaningful gatherings with your team. 

When we meet, it matters. Whether you are leading a team in solving a complex issue, kicking off an important project, or celebrating a milestone - the time you set aside to gather is more than just a slot on the calendar.

Apex North's Professional Facilitation allows you to be fully present as a leader in your meetings - and not have to worry about planning, preparing, and managing during the session. By motivating groups, optimizing agendas, and applying a neutral outside perspective, we are able to help your team achieve real results in less time, and have some fun along the way.

What does a Facilitator do?

Our superpowers result in:

  • Undeniable buy-in from the team

  • Clear, actionable next steps at the end of any meeting

  • Increased accountability to a plan by all in attendance

  • Team alignment & motivation around a shared vision

  • Equal & equitable conversation & consensus in complex issues

  • Laser-focus on the most important issues

  • Purpose-driven, unforgettable events for employees, customers, and the public

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Tailored to Business Coaches & Consultants. We take care of logistics so you can focus on the most important thing: your clients.


We take the technical coordination off your hands and run your Virtual Event smoothly to ensure the most effective and engaging results for your team.  


Stop dreading Team Meetings. A Meeting Facilitator prepares an agenda, holds the team to it, and ensures accountability after the meeting is over.


Transform your business event into a meaningful gathering. We help uncover the purpose behind your event, then design a plan that brings it to life at every turn.


Let us facilitate your next team offsite or retreat so you can be fully present with your team - instead of worrying about managing the schedule & leading sessions.

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