Freedom. Clarity. Life-Changing Growth.
October 1st - 6th, 2021
Imiloa Institute, Costa Rica


The Summit

Leadership begins with clarity. Clarity of focus, and clarity of purpose.

We invite you to one week of pure clarity.

Disconnect from your normal to experience real, deep connection to your self, your purpose, and the strong, authentic leader you are meant to be.


The Scaling Your Mindset to Scale Your Business Leadership Virtual Summit is designed for business leaders who know that to scale higher, you must dig deeper. 

You are being called to join a cohort of like-minded leaders to spend five days in the Costa Rican rainforest - disconnecting from your 'normal' to reconnect with your WHY and access true freedom.

From chaos to clarity.
Are you ready to stand at the Summit at the bold, authentic leader you are meant to be?

You Will Gain

Clarity of Purpose

Shed the patterns that hold you back. Reconnect with your true purpose, speak and move from your center, aligned with the bold future you desire and deserve.

Transformative Growth

Dig deeper in a week of dynamic visioning and coaching sessions designed to grant you pure clarity. Unlock barriers, push past your leadership edge, and discover your holistic vision of success.

Freedom From Expectations

Nothing virtual about it. Unplug from the chaos of your "normal." Reconnect with nature. Grant yourself the space to shed the armor worn at work and in life.

Supportive Community

Connect on a deeper level with like-minded leaders who have experienced the same pains and yearn for the same fulfillment as you. Discover the true meaning of co-elevation in a place unlike any other.

Each level of ticket includes lodging for 5 nights, 6 days at the lush Imiloa Institute in Costa Rica, flights to and from Dominical Airport from SJO and a shuttle to Imiloa, and 5-star, plant-based cuisine prepared by our private chef for each day of the retreat.



Standard tickets include:

- Lodging in the serene Geodesic River domes

- Triple occupancy to include you and two other attendees



Investment: $3250



Luxe tickets include:

- Lodging in the Jungle Bungalows complete with a bathtub in the jungle

- Double occupancy to include you and one other attendee

- Option to participate in a professionally coached surfing lesson OR receive one massage or body treatment at Imiloa.

Investment: $3999



VIP tickets include:

- Lodging in your own private, 200-year-old Bali home with view of mountains and ocean.

- Single occupancy to ensure privacy

- Option to participate in a professionally coached surfing lesson OR receive one massage or body treatment at Imiloa.

Investment: $4999


What Participants Have To Say:

"This retreat is a gift. It's a gift you give to yourself."

- Sara Commers, Owners, Sara Commers Private Jeweler 

"personal Growth Builds Business growth." 
- David Corigliano, Summit Attendee & Former CEO

"I am now in a position to show up as a better leader. not only in my business, but in my life overall"

- Chelsea Nolan, Owner, Seen Dynamic Communication

Are You Ready for The Summit?

You have worked hard for your success. But what got you here will not get you there.


The next peak comes when you are able to connect deeply with your purpose and attain clarity on your vision of success. 


Only then can you stand at the summit as the authentic leader you are meant to be.


Only here can you do the work, and achieve true transformation.


Are you ready to scale the summit?

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