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Glen Dall created the Scaling Your Mindset to Scale Your Business Leadership Summit in 2019 as a way of uniting business leaders to work on their business's most important asset: themselves. 

From humble beginnings working on an automobile assembly line to becoming a  public company CEO, Glen has learned from hard-won personal experience how to grow people, products, businesses, and oneself.

His relatable style, direct messages, and confidence of someone who has seen it all in business translates into inspiring and actionable coaching for anyone or any group he works with.

Glen on 
Authentic Leadership

Oswaldo Alvarez is a life and business strategist who elevates CEOs and leadership teams so they can commit to their authentic selves at all costs. 

As a mission-driven owner/operator, he has held positions as CEO, CFO, COO Chairman, and strategic board member for multiple companies.

Now, he brings the breadth of his experience to help others find the path towards authentic self and purpose. Oswaldo cultivates a space of trust, commitment, clear vision, and creation in any group he works with.

He is a certified Chopra Center Meditation Instructor, a Hoffman Institute graduate and holds an MBA in Finance from Yale University.


Find out more about Oswaldo's coaching practice here. 

Oswaldo on
What Makes This Summit Unique

Sandra Orellana is an emotional coach, writer, and public speaker. She uses traditional and alternative methods to support individuals in their processes of growth healing and transformation.

The techniques she offers are used to:

  • Discover unique and authentic qualities and skills.

  • Practice self-acceptance and unconditional love

  • Transform the perception of traumatic events into peace, acceptance, and powerful meaning.

  • Transform problems and conflicts into opportunities for learning and growth.

  • Replace destructive beliefs and/or patterns with empowering and useful ones.

Find out more about Sandra's coaching practice here.

Sandra on
The Power of Vulnerability

Stand at the Summit as the authentic leader you are born to be.

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