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The Agenda

Five nights, six days in a Costa Rican cloud forest. A community of like-minded leaders. One purpose: clarity.

Each day includes full breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, as well as built-in time for personal reflection and relaxation.

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Day 1: Immersion

Arrive & Get To Know Each Other
(Half Day)
Arrive at the El Silencio Eco-Lodge and Spa and settle in to your luxury accommodations.
Then, our group will gather to set intentions for the week ahead.
We'll go beyond "breaking the ice" with dinner and activities this evening - we will dive right in!

Go to bed feeling present, grounded, and prepared for the week ahead.


Day 2: Awareness

Breaking Barriers & Getting Vulnerable
(Full Day)
Prepare for your first day at the Summit with a guided group yoga session.
Today's coaching aims to break down the walls built in business and life. Today we will shed armor, get vulnerable, and re-discover our authentic leadership flow.
Explore and push beyond your leadership edge in group workshops, and with personal reflection time in the afternoon.

Today's deep work results in greater self-awareness, and release of limiting patterns in business and life.


Day 3: Freedom

Who Am I? Why Do I Do What I Do?
(Full Day)
Today's coaching will unearth your true core purpose and personal operating values, so you can use them to guide your decisions, actions, and vision for the future.
You will create a blueprint of your authentic leadership style, and connect to your personal WHY.


By the evening of day three, you will have re-discovered your personal purpose, core values, and blueprint for your leadership style.


Day 4: Visioning

Goal Setting & 1 Year Plan
(Full Day)

Use the insights from the past two days to create a bold, vibrant plan for your future. One year from now, where do you want to be in life? How do you want your business to grow? Is there a desire, dream, or goal you have been ignoring until today? Now is the time and space to speak it, plan it, and envision it happening.
Share your vision and stand at the Summit as your authentic self.

By the end of Day 4, you will have a clear, compelling vision for 2022, a quarterly plan to achieve it, and accountability within our cohort.


Day 5: Play

Explore, Adventure, Embody
(Full Day)

With no formal coaching sessions, enjoy Costa Rican nature, adventures, and culture on this day devoted to play.
Choose to indulge in a spa treatment, taste Costa Rican coffee, go for a hike or mountain bike, or visit a nearby hot spring with the group.
Tonight our cohort will enjoy an off-site local dinner together to celebrate your growth.

Go to bed feeling relaxed, recharged, and reconnected with your playful, adventurous, childlike self.


Day 6: Recognition

Recognize Your Achievement
(Half Day)
Enjoy a full breakfast before getting ready to depart.
Our group will gather one last time to recognize the growth of each leader in the cohort, and share gratitude for this life-changing experience.


Leave Costa Rica (or continue on to your next adventure) with clarity of purpose, a supportive group of peers, and a clear, inspiring plan for how to crush it in 2022.

Freedom. Clarity. Life-Changing Growth.
Are you ready for the Summit?

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