The Agenda

Five nights, six days in the lush Costa Rican rainforest. A community of like-minded leaders. One purpose: clarity.

The Experience

Day One: Immersion


Arrive at Imiloa via a chartered flight landing in the heart of the jungle. Discover the barefoot luxury of your accomodations and settle in with chef-prepared snacks and a dinner with your new cohort. Begin the journey by taking stock of all that has brought you to this summit, who is here with you, and set intentions for the week ahead. End the night by mingling fireside together or retire to your cozy bed in the jungle. 

Day Two: Awareness


Reinvigorate your body with yoga, hikes, or mindful exercise each morning. Stretch, breathe, and meditate as you shed the armor of daily life. Enter the journey to authentic leadership by gaining full awareness of yourself: the habits, patterns, and self-created obstacles that impede your progress, and how to accept and work through them. Connect with the group, with nature, and with yourself in an indigenous Costa Rican cacao ceremony at sunset. 

Day Three: Freedom


Using the awareness awakened on Day Two, on Day Three you will learn how to break free from frustrating, repetitive, and burdening patterns. In business, relationships, and daily life, re-envision a version of yourself that is powerful, connected, and authentic. Then, commit wholeheartedly to that self. 

Day Four: Vision


Visualize your future, empowered by the transformative work of the past several days. Erase boundaries constructed between business and authentic selves, and learn to bring your whole self to your work: in vision, purpose, path, and relationships. Speak with strength, clarity, and honesty as you chart a path to your vision, and a plan for the coming year. You will leave this day with clarity around your own vision of what it is you truly "want to do" in your life and business. 

Day Five: Play


You'll spend this final full day completely attuned as your authentic self, discovering your untethered inner strength in your choice of yoga sessions, surfing excusions, massages or body treatments, or simply unstructured personal time to explore and reflect poolside on the exquisite retreat grounds. In the evening, our whole group will journey to a nearby beach town for dinner. As the sun sets, connect with your newfound community and celebrate the incredible journey made in the course of just one week. 

Day Six: Gratitude 


This part of your journey to authentic leadership ends by honoring the connections you've made and the commitments you've created. Stand at your personal summit as the authentic leader you are born to be, and look across to see those standing with you. Recognize the hard work and life-changing growth of each and every leader present, and commit to yourself and each other to embark on a new beginning as these effective and fully conscious leaders upon returning home. 

Freedom. Clarity. Life-Changing Growth.
Are you ready for the summit?