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3HAG Chart - For Event Attendees

Topic: Strategic Planning
Gut out your 3 Year Highly-Achievable Goal (3HAG), along with your Foundation for Growth and other key strategic pictures in this high-level chart.

Zone of Power (Elevate & Delegate)

Topic: Delegation, Accountability
Keep this personal worksheet nearby during your workday to unearth your Zone of Power - the place where those your expertise, energy, and creativity align – and clarify what tasks to minimize and delegate to others. 

One Page Strategic Plan

Topic: Strategic Planning, Accountability
Get on the same page - literally. This One Page document is all you need to define your company's Core Fundamentals, Key Strategic Moves, Annual & Quarterly Priorities, and communicate accountability to every member of the team.

Role Scorecard Template

Topic: Talent Management
This template can be used for any role in the company. Leverage it for recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and in regular check-ins with your team to assess their growth and performance against set accountabilities and Core Value alignment.

Optimizing Accountability: Core Functions Chart

Topic: Accountability
This worksheet allows you to clarify roles, functions, and who counts what in your organization.

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