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For CEOs and Leadership Teams

"What got you here will not get you there."

Using the Apex North Star Way proven process, Glen offers structured, strategic coaching for CEOs and leadership teams committed to scale.

Glen's coaching blends proven frameworks from Scaling Up, Gravitas Impact 7 Attributes of Agile Growth, and his own experience in the CEO hot seat. 

CEOs and Leadership Teams who commit to scale benefit from:

  • Increased accountability and engagement from their team

  • Clarity on their company's bold and compelling vision

  • An actionable path to achieve results

  • Accountability every step of the way




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Glen is a certified Gravitas International coach with training in the Seven Attributes of Agile Growth.  Guided by these crucial attributes, he brings his years of hard-won experience and relatable coaching style to CEOs and leadership teams to guide them on their journey to Scaling Up. 


How It Works

Glen's training, his experience as a CEO, and The Apex North Star Way proven process will help you:

  • Achieve your goals 3x faster

  • Realize up to 3x increase in profitability

  • Experience up to 2x increase in cash flow

  • Create alignment across teams to increase productivity

  • Improve work/life balance for all executives


Glen will coach, facilitate and advise you and your team to achieve your North Star Vision using the Seven Attributes methodology, consisting of the seven interlocking attributes necessary to grow a business:

  • Leadership: ensure your leadership team is authentic, healthy, and aligned, ready to lead with purpose and accountability.

  • Talent: have the right people, in the right seats, doing the right things, consistently. Those that share your core values and purpose and can work together harmoniously. Practice diligence in hiring, firing and development, striving for "A" players and not tolerating "C" players.

  • Strategy: establish a solid core purpose and strategic differentiation that sets you apart from competitors to fuel growth.

  • Execution: practice diligence, focus and accountability to deliver on the strategy in a consistent manner and not get distracted by "shiny objects." Identify the 20% of activities that drive 80% of the growth.

  • Profit: recognize that this is the lifeblood for growth. Ensure there is cash flow to fund growth (hiring, marketing, sales) and also sufficient reserves for any storms, and everyone will sleep better at night.

  • Customer: define your core customer and the promise you make to them. Ensure you bring this to life in your brand story and content generation, and make good on your promise through every step of customer interaction.

  • Systems: optimize and stabilize your growth by developing solid systems for managing change, decision-making, and technology use.

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Taking your business and personal goals into account, Glen will work with you to determine the appropriate level of coaching necessary to ensure that you meet your goals. Typically, this consists of:

  • An annual two-day strategic planning session with you and your leadership team. Here:

    • Vision is defined and documented.

    • A One Page Strategic Plan is crafted - literally the "One Page" that you and your team will work from.

    • Annual and first-quarter operating plan is agreed upon.

    • Everyone maps out their action plan to achieve their "Rocks" – the most important things they will accomplish to propel the business closer to the vision and ensure complete accountability.

  • Monthly and quarterly meeting intervals to focus deeper on strategy, address ongoing business issues and provide accountability.

  • Monthly CEO-to-CEO coaching calls with you. Glen is in your corner, always.

Apex North Business Coaching steps in where other frameworks leave off.

Watch CEO Glen Dall's conversation with fellow Gravitas Coach Mike Knapp about why the 7 Attributes of Agile Growth framework is like the "MBA" for companies wanting to scale.

EOS Convo Video


My business had been plateaued for the past five years. With Glen’s expert coaching and guidance, I am finally working on my business rather than just in my business.  I highly recommend Glen's coaching to every business owner who is open to pushing themselves to achieve their potential.

Sara Commers

Founder, Commers Custom Jewelry

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